CFI Tech operates in the fields of geo-referencing and topography. Field teams
of CFI Tech have the skills required to carry out topographical surveys, and have at their disposal new technologies such as: photogrammetry, 3D, drones or even BIM.


Geo-referencing in class A - Data collection

The underground network detection service can go beyond the simple marking of localized networks with a site plotter. So that the information generated by the detection lasts longer longer than the paint on the floor will last, it is possible to read and save it definitively: it is the geo-referencing of buried networks. Provide the geo-referenced coordinates of the networks and works created according to class A of accuracy is mandatory for operators of so-called sensitive networks (electricity, gas, etc.) since 2012 (DT/DICT reform). CFI Infra is authorized by these third parties for the spot.

Topographic surveys - Locations

Through their training and know-how, our surveyors provide numerous topographical services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Our engineers, specifically trained on AutoCad and Editop, will be able to produce the plans allowing a representation adapted to your needs.

Surveying, and drawing

During the execution of the work, any project can undergo adjustments, this is why it is necessary carry out a survey at the end of the project. the as-built plan is a document drawn up the outcome of the work in order to know exactly setting up networks

Photogrammetry, 3D and BIM

Notre service spécialisé 3D et BIM s’appuie sur les multi compétences comme la photogrammétrie (prise de vue aérienne ou terrestre) ou des solutions par drone. Nous sommes en mesure de produire la maquette numérique BIM paramétrée correspondant à vos attentes, vos objectifs et répondant aux évolutions de votre projet.

Service center mode

In order to meet your needs and adapt to your budget, we offer several types interventions. One of these is center mode Services. With this solution, you fully outsource the project to us to refocus on your business and benefit from a level of service of the highest.

Implementation of field survey campaigns

The field survey is a task that requires a lot of preparation and rigor. It is essential to carry out the rest of the plans and allows a preliminary diagnosis of the premises.

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