CFI Tech is a group built with the experience of CFI created in 1984.

In 1984, CFI began in the IT and training sectors. In 2017, Cyril Osmani expanded the structure created by his father and developed the CFI Tech group, a telecommunications specialist. The world of telecommunications is then dominated by large structures which, often because of their size, lose the human side of business, and are confronted with the weight of numerous validation procedures before decision-making, which can have a strong impact on their responsiveness. With a more human vision and innovative strategies, CFI Tech in just a few years experienced dazzling growth, and established itself as a young professional company, which has nothing to envy to the largest companies in the business.
CFI Tech today is:

– over 150 employees
– over 280 collaborators and partners
– over 400,000 km of network installed
– 2 million sockets installed
– a presence in 3 continents.

By applying a constant policy of development and innovation, CFI Tech deploys its know-how and intervenes in other cutting-edge fields such as:

  • services center
  • cartography
  • innovation & digital.
General manager


Our mission is to offer our customers services at very competitive prices while maintaining the standard and professionalism of the largest companies in the sector. We look to the future and challenge the status quo. We draw our strength from our ingenuity, and our ability to adapt to the culture of our customers and their needs. We rely on a multidisciplinary team and partners, with real knowledge of the business to undertake the most complex projects in order to always achieve our objectives and provide total satisfaction. Our success comes from our ability to remain agile and our pragmatic and innovative approach, while keeping our business model simple and efficient. We pay particular attention to development, growth, and our geographic reach with the ultimate goal of better meeting the needs of our customers.

What inspires us

We deeply believe that development goes through technology and its accessibility to all. This means that we constantly seek to step out of our comfort zone to have a forward-thinking vision in order to provide innovative solutions to the challenges that the future will present. This inspires us, pushes us to surpass ourselves and to act for the improvement of our environment.