Technical studies

Concrete and reinforcement studies

The concrete and reinforcement study is essential for define the type of reinforcement of a construction and its magnitude. Our team of experienced engineers perfect control of concrete constraints. the complete and precise file allows you to respect obligations in seismic zones and to optimize your project.

Electrical studies

Our team of engineers and specialized technicians guarantees the optimization of the pre-project phase and the relevance of the feasibility studies. The file includes the electrical dimensions, the specification of the equipment as well as the electrical and wiring diagrams, the implementation, routing and execution plans...


Piping design studies

Using industrial piping software, we make diagrams that allow us to then generate the necessary isometric plans for prefabrication and assembly on site.

BIM model

The BIM digital model (Building information modeling) is carried out by our team. It's a document that brings together all the information technique concerning a work. She describes each component of the building and makes it possible to measure progress of the project and changes to bring on this one.

Metal construction studies

Metal structures make it possible to implement large spans, are lighter, less expensive than concrete structures, and recyclable. Our studies of metal or mixed construction works take into account all the mechanical stresses of steel: traction, bending, compression, buckling, shear, etc. from the design study to the execution study.

Fluid studies

Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics that studies the flow of fluids, i.e. liquids and gases when they are subjected to forces or constraints. Fluid mechanics has many applications in various fields in which CFI Tech engineers work, such as naval engineering, aeronautics, industry, offshore stations, but also climatology and oceanography.

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