Network detection

The detection of buried networks is a major challenge for any public works site. CFI Tech performs non-invasive detection and geo-referencing of buried networks with a great precision. The purpose of this work is to reduce the damage caused during work on all types of networks: gas and electricity pipes, fiber optics, Telecom networks, drinking water, sanitation, etc. We work for all types of players: local authorities, concessionaires, public works companies, individuals.

Detection of all types of networks

CFI Tech has several equipments for underground network detection work. Our teams can thus detect all types of buried networks by acoustic or magnetic method: public lighting, electricity, gas, drinking water, telecommunications, traffic lights, sanitation, etc.

Geo-referencing in class A

Our team of engineers and specialized technicians guarantees the optimization of the pre-project phase and the relevance of the feasibility studies. The file includes the electrical dimensions, the specification of the equipment... as well as the electrical and wiring diagrams, the layout, routing and execution plans...

Complementary investigation

These mandatory searches are made on existing structures and intended to specify the location. They are mandatory when network mapping sensitive buried is not precise enough to carry out the work safely. An effective search for the location networks is carried out on behalf of the network operator before the start of the site in order to precisely locate its networks. For this, 3 accuracy classes A, B and C have been defined by the regulations.


Network marking and staking is carried out before start-up and is mandatory before any start of works. This intervention makes it possible to trace soil a set of information to the positions determined by the cartography. The goal is to leave it visible throughout the site to facilitate the work and ensure signage throughout this work.

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