Expert in cartographic development, VRD (Roads, Networks and miscellaneous), design and structural pipping, our know-how is also recognized in the field of urban planning, calculation notes and the industrial sector.

GIS Audit Analysis / Database Processing

To support you in the evolution of your system, we carry out a complete analysis to optimize your installations.

Production of thematic maps

The map is an essential step, making it possible to explore the data in order to allow the processing of statistical and geographical information.

Creation of models of relational structures

Our database allows us to model the relations existing between several information, and to order them between them.

Design and studies (APS – APD - DOE)

During this stage of the project, we develop a design study and plans preliminaries and diagrams.

Deployment plan and sizing

We proceed to the development of plans civil and structural engineering as well as sizing of main equipment.

Implementation of field survey campaigns

Le relevé de terrain est une tâche qui demande beaucoup de préparation et de rigueur. Elle est essentielle pour réaliser la suite des plans et permet un diagnostic préliminaire des lieux.

Establishment of service centers

To ensure continuity of service, we set up a service center, which allows to provide personalized service to our customers.

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