Because each company or administration is unique, its mode of operation and its needs are too. This is why the CFI Tech R&D department is constantly adapting to create tools on tailored to your unique needs. Our experience in the analysis of various data and our capacity for innovation ensure you get the data you need, at the right time and everywhere (desktop, mobile).

Applications that promote your efficiency

The processing of information adapted to your needs increases your ability to react and plan

Applications with the optimal user experience.

Our team of engineers and specialized technicians guarantees the optimization of the pre-project phase and the relevance of the feasibility studies. The file includes the electrical dimensions, the specification of the equipment... as well as the electrical and wiring diagrams, the layout, routing and execution plans...

Data analysis using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to manage a lot of data and various to provide the right information at the right moment

RIP control and maintenance AI

SecurRip, software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), is dedicated to quality control and maintenance of RIPs (Public Initiative Networks) and fiber optic networks. Entirely imagined and designed by CFI Tech, associated with numerous patent filings at the INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property), SecurRip facilitates and reduces the quality control of network implementations. SecurRip acts at all stages of the implementation, by anticipating network problems, by checking compliance between the specifications and the implementation in the field, and by preventive maintenance.

Tailor-made apps

The experience of our “DATA/IA” division makes it possible to aggregate, process and analyze data from
disparate sources using Artificial Intelligence.
Imagine your ideal business application, our team designs it in partnership with you.
Chaque étape de réalisation vous permet de vérifier et d’adapter les fonctionnalités pour
meet your needs perfectly.
Optimized user ergonomics and design on IOS, Android and PC
bureau vous permet d’avoir facilement toutes les données nécessaires au bon moment
and everywhere.

Our tools